SIA Membership Survey Prize Draw Winners

Prize Drawing ImageThank you to all the members and non-members who responded to the SIA Membership survey run by the Michigan Tech School of Business last fall. The Membership Committee and Board is expecting the full report and results this week and a summary will be included in the next SIA Newsletter and posted to this website (see previous 2018 initial survey results here), as well as offer us ground for discussion at the annual meeting in Bethlehem next May.

In the mean time, congratulations to our randomly-elected winners of Gift Cards! Hundreds of responses were received and the Membership Committee selected twenty winners from each of the two surveys.

Winners from the Member Survey: Kenneth Borg, Kirke Elsass, Thomas Fehring, Rigden Glaab, Harvey Glickenstein, Bill And Nancy Goodwin, Fred Maurer, Chris Muessig, Eric Nystrom, Siobhan Osgood, Bierce Riley, Joann Ryan, Andrew Sewell, Deborah Shprentz, Terry Stafford.

Winners from the Non-Member Survey: Michael Barrett, John Beck, Bob Bodenstein, Steve Dalessio, Beryl Goldberg, Brian Hackett, Marc Henshaw, Nathan Madison, John Marston, Kerry O’brien, Jaana Pietari, Sam Shogren, Jeff Tilman, Daniel Vivian, Jennifer Watson.

Happy New Year to you all!