SIA Lehigh Valley 2021 – Presentations Schedule

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Paper presentations at the Society for Industrial Archeology will take place Thursday, August 26 from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time at the Historic Hotel Bethlehem.


8:00 – 9:30 AM

Room A: Builders and Processes

  • Marty Johnston–“Charles Hunt’s Innovations in the Materials Handling Industry”
  • Kevin Coffee – “Watersheds & Trees: 19th cent. Textile Industry Impacts” (Pre-Recorded)
  • Paul C. King – “Roebling and Ellet as Engineers in Pennsylvania”

Room B: Digital Strategies for IA

  • Frank Matero – “Slatelands: Pennsylvania’s Slate Belt”
  • Charles E. Williams – “Census and LiDAR Prospecting for Colliers and Charcoal Hearths” (Pre-Recorded)
  • Charles Yuill & Stefania Stanscia – “Industrial and Landscape Archaeology in Central Appalachia Coal” (Pre-Recorded)
  • Lee Maddex – “IA with LiDAR and an 1854 Iron Mining Report in Coopers Rock State Forest, WV”

Room C: Keystone State IA 1

  • David Blackburn – “Transatlantic Links in Iron Heritage”
  • Brian Schmult – “Casting Cleaners at Hopewell Furnace”
  • Paula J. Nasta – “Planks, Post, Paper and Dynamite: Vernacular Wood Construction in Eckley Miner’s Village” (Pre-Recorded)


10:00 – 12:00 AM

Room A: Debriefing Wednesday’s Process Tours – Panel Discussion

  • Patrick Harshbarger
  • Fredric Quivik
  • Helena Wright

Room B: Heritage Areas and Archaeology

  • Andrew Anklam – “Lost and Found: Identifying Exploratory Mines Through GIS Reconstructions of Surveyor’s Paths” (Pre-Recorded)
  • Gideon Hoekstra – “Quincy Hill Landscapes: Exploratory Mining and National Guard Encampments” (Pre-Recorded)
  • Arron Kotlensky – “Pittsburgh Steel: Forging a National Heritage Area from Blast Furnace Ashes”

Room C: Keystone State IA 2

  • James Stone – “The Electrical System of the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company”
  • Trevor Shellhammer – “Bethlehem Steel and Lincoln Tunnel: A Place in Tunnel History”
  • Jill A. Schennum – “Mexican Steelworkers in Bethlehem, PA”


2:00 – 3:30 PM

Room A: Industrial Production and Interpretation

  • Jet Lowe – “Making Music at Martin Guitar, Nazareth, PA”
  • Bierce Riley – “Slater’s Mill, Riverdale, NJ: Fur to Disco”
  • Michael Froio – “From the Main Line: Understanding the Pennsylvania Railroad Through the Contemporary Landscape”

Room B: International Perspectives on Covered Bridge Traditions

  • Ronald Knapp – “China’s Covered Bridges from a Worldwide Perspective”
  • Terry E. Miller – “America’s Covered Bridges: Continuing or Reinventing European Traditions?”
  • Ronald Knapp – “China’s Folk Traditions and ‘Corridor Bridges’ Langqiao”

Room C: Urban Planning

  • Harold Aurand Jr. and Cynthia Dravenovich – “Manufacturing Moves Out of the City: A Case Study of an Anthracite Coal Town”


4:00 – 5:30 PM

Room A: Industrial History Consequences

  • Mark Nonestied – “Its Vast Manufacturing Interest Would Be of Great Aid to the Nation: Middlesex County During the Great War”
  • Jayashree Shamanna – “Bridging Fiscal Prudence and Profligacy in Failing to Save a Landmark”

Room B: Historic Bridges

  • Michael J. Cuddy – “Hill – to – Hill Bridge: An Engineering Marvel for Bethlehem’s Transportation Needs”
  • Perry Green – “Aesthetic and Structural Lessons from the Walnut St. Bridge Rehab”
  • Kathryn Auerbach – “Stone Pillar Bridges: Substructure of Our Country” (Pre-Recorded)

Room C: Keystone State IA 3

  • Mark W. Connar – “Recreating the President Pumping Engine, Friedensville Mines, Lehigh County, PA”



  • Daniel Dellosso – “Social Impacts of Industrial Flour Milling in Pioneer Southern Colorado”
  • Larissa Harris – “Heritage Erasure at Soudan Underground Mine”
  • Lesley Maia Horowitz – “Infiltration and the Effects to Save Lackawanna Steel’s Headquarters”
  • Claire Marcus – “Railroad Perspectives: Industrial Landscapes in NE Pennsylvania Art”
  • Tim Maze – “Waste Stream Implications at Camp Au Train”
  • Kyle Parker – McGynn – “Online Digital Interactive Displays for Industrial Museums”
  • LouAnn Wurst – “Labor in the Northern Woods”

Note: All schedules are tentative and subject to change.