Student Travel Scholarship 2017

Student  Scholarships consist of a cash stipend given to students or young professionals with less than 3 years’ experience to help offset the costs of traveling to SIA events. To be eligible, students must demonstrate an interest in IA and present a letter of reference. The scholarships, which have been given for nearly 3 decades, encourage students to learn about and participate in IA. Many past recipients have risen to positions of leadership in our organization. Scholarships are made possible through donations to a dedicated fund. To those of you who have made donations, a great big industrial size thanks. And if you know of potentially interested students, please encourage them to apply.

This year’s scholarship recipient is Carrie Cecil. Carrie is a master’s student at the University of Alaska Anchorage where she is studying with Dr. Paul White in the areas of industrial heritage and cultural resources management. She presented a paper on her thesis, “Salt and Sweat: The implementation of desalination technology on the Wake atoll since 1935.” Carrie received a check for $800.

Adapted from Patrick Harshbarger’s presentation speech at the 2017 Annual Meeting