Historic Bookbinding Equipment

Researcher: Charlotte Starnes at the Patricia H. & Richard E. Garman Art Conservation Department, Buffalo State University

Contact: starnec01@mail.buffalostate.edu

Research Inquiry Background

I am researching a very specific type of 19th century binding that trended largely from the 1860s-1890s, specifically these were found on 19th -century subscription bibles (see attached images).

I know these were likely made with a male and female die in a hydraulic press but I have not found any literature on any aspect of the making of these, who was manufacturing these machines and dies (and the stamping that was specifically to each pattern), where they were based or working from, who they serviced, how the machines function, any of it.

It there is any resource you may know of or direction you could potentially point me to, I would be so appreciative.