SIA 46th Annual Conference – Saturday Program

[updated 9 May 2017]

The Conference Committee is pleased to provide an initial slate of the Saturday paper and poster sessions.  Please note that time slots and perhaps order/groupings are subject to change, but you can see here the exciting lineup of topics we will hear about in Houston.

Saturday Paper Sessions


Schedule at a glance:

Time Room 1 Room 2
8:30-10:00    1A: Texas Tea    1B: (Sub)Urbanity
10:00-10:30 Coffee break
10:30-12:00    2A: Agriculture and Aggregate    2B: Water Matters
12:00-2:00 Lunch and AGM
2:00-3:30    3A: Historic Bridges 1    3B: IA Heritage
3:30-3:45 Coffee break
3:45-5:15    4A: Historic Bridges 2    4B: IA Methods

Posters will be on display all day in the hallway outside session rooms


Session 1A: Texas Tea

  • James Hefner, “Steam in the Oil Patch”
  • Mary L. Barrett,” Oilfield Earthen Pit Storage: Early 20th Century Technology of Southeast Texas, 1901-1930s”
  • Mu Liu, “The Discovery of Daqing Oilfield in China”
  • Jeff Spencer, “Goose Creek Oil Field, Harris County, Texas – First Offshore Texas Oil Production”

Session 1B: (Sub)Urbanity

  • Robert M. Frame, “Prestressed concrete in postwar suburbia: Minnesota’s story”
  • Angela Lombardi, “Industrial Heritage Renaissance in the Historic Urban Landscape of San Antonio, Texas: Toward New City Identities”
  • Jason W. Barrett and Doug Boyd, “Documenting Houston’s Urban Trash Dumps as Evidence of Municipal Waste Management Practices and Socioeconomic Discrimination”

10:00-10:30: Coffee break


Session 2A: Agriculture and Aggregate

  • Mauricio Athie and Miguel Aldana, “Colonial Agro-industry in Mexico: Ex-Hacienda Ocotzá”
  • Alexis Reynolds, “State of Evolution: Concrete, Steel, and the Ralston Purina Grain Processing Facility”
  • Cengiz Arslan, “Sports Performance in Competition Materials in Historical Process of Antique and Modern Olympic Stadium in Terms of Industrial Archeology”

Session 2B: Water Matters

  • Fredric L. Quivik, “The Deepwater Horizon Disaster and the Trial against BP under the Clean Water Act”
  • Mary Habstritt, “LILAC: A Bloomin’ Industrial Artifact”
  • Carrie Cecil, “Salt and Sweat: The Implementation of Desalination Technologies on Wake Atoll Since 1935”

12:00-2:00: Lunch and AGM


Session 3A: Historic Bridges 1

  • Christopher Marston, “Round Peg/Square Hole: Developing the Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Covered Bridges”
  • Carolyn Nelson, “The Piano Bridge Rehabilitation”
  • Ian Nitschke and Francis E. Griggs, Jr., “Restoration of the Supremely Important and Charming Shaw Bridge”

Session 3B: IA Heritage

  • Gabriela Campagnol, “The Preservation of the Sugar Industrial Heritage: Issues and Counterpoints”
  • Talva Jacobson, “Defining Time: Searching for Heritage at the Pullman National Monument”
  • James Hefner, “Steam Relics along the Gulf Coast”

3:30-3:45: Coffee break


Session 4A: Historic Bridges 2

  • Paul King, “Before the Bridge: a chronological review of Roebling’s work before the Brooklyn Bridge”
  • Stephen Mikesell, “A Tale of Two Bridges: the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridges of 1936 and 2013”
  • Rachel Will, “Overpass Architecture: Defining the Landscape of the Mid-Century & Today”

Season 4B: IA Methods

  • Paul White, “A Mill Man’s Day”
  • Tyler D. Allen and James Schwaderer, “Logging Oral Histories in the Coalwood Lumber District”
  • Steven Walton and Timothy Scarlett, “The Venn of IA: a case study of the Pullman project”

Poster Session

Posters will be on display all day.  We ask presenters to be at their poster during the 10:00-10:30 break.

  • Garand Spikberg, Ankitha Pille, Robert Pastel,  and Don Lafreniere, “Putting People in Places: A Semi-Automated Approach to Parsing and Geocoding City Directories”
  • Timothy J. Scarlett, Steven A. Walton, Don Lafreniere, Sarah Scarlett, Laura Rouleau, and the GIS lab at Michigan Tech., “The Industrial Archaeology and Heritage of Pullman, IL”
  • Marni Blake Walter, “The Origins of Atom-Smashing: A Brief History of Particle Accelerators”
  • Erik Zaborsky, “Archaeological and Historical Features of the Matson / Coalinga-to-Monterey Oil Pipeline at Fort Ord National Monument, Monterey County, California” [Withdrawn]