Vogel Prize 2007 – Gordon C. Pollard and Haagen D. Klaus

At the 2007 Annual Business Meeting in Philadelphia, the Vogel Prize was presented to Gordon C. Pollard and Haagen D. Klaus for their article A Large Business: The Clintonville Site, Resources, and Scale at Adirondack Bloomery Forges, published in lA, Vol. 30, No.1 (2004).

Pollard and Klaus’s article sheds new light on the important Adirondack bloomery iron industry. The authors provide summary data on more than 40 regional iron sites, using this comparative information to develop a broad understanding of the district’s patterns of resource use and operational scale. This information about the broader district is then used to frame the results of archeological field research at Clintonville’s Lower Forge. These excavations, noteworthy for their scale and complexity, provide detailed new information about a range of industrial features of the ironworks, including the triphammers, tailraces, and bloomery and blacksmith forges. Outstanding illustrations, especially the plan drawings of bloomery forge bases and parts, add to the value of their work.