Student Travel Scholarships 2018

For about 30 years the Student Scholarship Program has been used to encourage students to learn about the SIA, take part in our conferences, and ultimately to become long-term members and leaders of the Society. This year’s recipients were:

Aurora Donoso-Sequeiros, a doctoral student at the University of Seville, Spain. Sequeiros presented a paper on her study of the Tharsis Sulphur & Copper Company Pier in Huelva, Spain.

Zach Liollio, a master’s degree candidate at the Citadel. Liollio presented his hands-on research into the processes behind hot riveting

Oscar Rodriguez Cavielles, a doctoral student at the National University of Distant Education of Spain who was then a Fulbright Scholar at Michigan Technological University. Cavielles presented a paper related to his dissertation on industrial heritage tourism in Spain.