Purchasing back issues of IA Journal

Printed issues (or photocopies for out-of-print issues) are available for purchase for all of the SIA Journals published since Vol. 1 through to the current issue. Current SIA members receive a discount on purchasing back issues. Please contact sia@mtu.edu for details on purchasing copies of out of print issues.

List of available printed IA Journals

Back issues of most of the IA journals are available online on JSTOR (providing you have a license to view from JSTOR or you can access JSTOR at many libraries)


List of available printed Issues (look here first for issue and price before you go online to purchase a journal)

Purchase a printed back issue of IA, Journal of the Society for Industrial Archeology from the SIA. Please look at list of available issues (see link above) and calculate the total cost of the issues you are ordering plus shipping cost to a USA address before you go to the online purchase option.  Note: Current SIA individual members are eligible for the discounted price (limit of 1 copy of each pub. per year) .. all others must pay the nonmember price.

Online purchase of available printed journals (make a list of the journals you are ordering and calculate total cost plus shipping before you go to this online link)

Purchase available printed journals by U.S. mail with a U.S. check in U.S. dollars only

MEMBERS ONLY – Special price buy online set of 29 IA back-issues

MEMBERS ONLY – Special price by U.S. check on set of 29 IA back-issues