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Volume 45, Number 2, 2019


“Wonder Metal: Birth of the Aluminum Industry in Manitowoc and Two Rivers, Wisconsin,” Suzanne Weiss and David Weiss

“The Wonders of Work: Joseph Pennell and the Industrial Sublime,” Betsy Fahlman

“A Mill Man’s Day: Task Scheduling at Alaska’s Gold Cord Mill,” Paul White

plus 6 book reviews

Published in 2021, back issues available.

Volume 45, Number 1, 2019


“Jacob Estey, the Estey Organ Company and the Harmonious Town of Brattleboro, Vermont,” John Mullin and Zenia Kotval

“Industrial Archaeology on the Bayou Teche: archaeological exploration of the Lutzenberger Iron Foundry, New Iberia, Louisiana,” David T. Palmer

“Dust, Disability, and Death: Silicosis Through the Ages,” Lloyd Tepper

plus 8 book reviews

Published in March, 2021, back issues available.

Volume 44, Number 1 & 2, 2018



“Bridges, Rockets, Cars, and Boats: HAER at 50,” Justine Christianson

 “HAER Documentation: Embracing Digital Metrology and Its Derivatives,” Dana Lockett

“The Education of an Icon: An Interview with Robert M. Vogel,” Christopher H. Marston

“HAER MI-2: Unintended Consequences of the Quincy Mine Recording Project,” Larry Lankton

“HAER and My Career in Industrial Archeology,” Charles K. Hyde

“Peeling Back Layers: Drawing Industrial Sites and Structures for HAER,” John R. Bowie

“The Historic American Engineering Record and the Making of a Public Historian,” Carol Poh

“Buckeye Reflections on HAER’s Legacy,” David A. Simmons

“CRM Careers Seeded by HAER Summer Internships,” Amy Squitieri and Christine Slattery

“Falling Through the Portals of History,” Jet Lowe

“The Historic American Engineering Record and Me: 1980 Until Now,” Martin Stupich

Published in 2020, back issues available.

Volume 43, Number 1 & 2, 2017



“Ariadne’s Gift: The Archeological Record of Industry,” Jeff Benjamin

 “The Industrial Archeology of the Archeology Industry,” Jonathan Gardner

“Didcot ‘A’,” Billy Cancel

“Social Contracts of the Mono-Industrial Town: A proposed typology of a historic phenomenon and contemporary challenge,” Anna Storm and Tatiana Kasperski

“Programmed Materials: An Archeology of Machinic Responsiblity,” Scott W. Schwartz

“Worker Skill in the Industrial Production of Decorative Wood Type Borders,” Daniel Schneider

“In Search of the Primus Stove Artist,” Bayne Peterson

“Embodied sonic memories of commuting underground,” Ximena Alarcón

“Humor in the Industrial Workplace: Laughter in the Dry, Geevor Mine, Cornwall,” Hilary Orange

Published in 2020, back issues available.

Volume 42, Number 2, 2016



“Evolution of the Hopewell Furnace Blast Machinery,” Brian Schmult

“A New, Historic Canal: The Making of an Erie Canal Heritage Landscape,” Camden Burd

“The Timber Industry of the Early San Francisco Bay Region: Archaeology at the Loma Prieta Mill Site,” Marco G. Meniketti

“Trace Element Time Markers as Proxies for the Calibration of Civil War-Era Sediment Accumulations at West Point Foundry,” Joel W. Grossman, Robert J. Taylor, and Eri Weinstein

Published in 2019, back issues available.

Volume 42, Number 1, 2016


“Building Sewall’s Bridge: Colonial American Structural Engineering,” Robert Gordon

“Railroad Tracks Belonging to the South Carolina Canal and Railroad Company, c. 1839-1852,” Howard Wayt

“The Oswego Furnace: Industrial Archaeology at the First Iron Works on the Pacific Coast,” Susanna Kuo and Rick Minor

“The Subsurface Mysteries of Wardenclyffe Revealed,” Peter J. Hutchinson and Alex Balog

Published in 2018, back issues available.

Volume 41, Number 1 and 2, 2015



Foreword: Gary F. Coppock

“A Laser Ablation Study of Glass Samples from Three Eighteenth-Century Germanic-American Glassworks: Amelung, Stiegel, and Wistarburgh,” John D. Greenough and J. Victor Owen

“The Archaeology of Failure: An Example from the Juniata Iron District of Pennsylvania,” Scott D. Heberling

“Abraham S. Valentine’s Log Washer and the Resuscitation of the Nineteenth-Century Iron Industry of Central Pennsylvania,” Gary F. Coppock

“Machinery to Match the Materials: Iron Ore Washing in Pennsylvania,” Steven A. Walton

“Bark, Liquor, and Skins: Late 19th-century Tanning on Pittsburgh’s Northside,” Benjamin Resnick

“Sand Manufacturing in Western Pennsylvania: The Spring Creek Glass Sand Works,” Brian L. Fritz and Jason Espino

“Jones and Laughlin Steel Works: 130 Years of Industry/25 Years of Archaeology,” Christine Davis

”Disappearing Icon: The Pennsylvania Turnpike’s Rigid-Frame Bridges,” Gerald M. Kuncio

Published in 2018.

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