IA Volumes 11 to 20


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Volume 20, Number 1 & 2



“An Introduction to New Hampshire Industrial Archeology,” David R. Starbuck

“Small-Scale Brickmaking in New Hampshire,” James L. Garvin

“Documenting Laconia’s Knitting Mills: A Comparison of the Belknap Mills Corporation and Two Present -Day Knitting Mills,” Mary Rose Boswell

“The Granite Quarries of Rattlesnake Hill: The Concord, New Hampshire, ‘Gold Mine,'” Donna-Belle Garvin

Photo Essays

“The Mills and Machinery of the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company of Manchester, New Hampshire,” John Mayer

“The Abbot-Downing Company and the Concord Coach,” Sherry Wilding-White

“The Mill Village on Goose Creek: Harrisville, New Hampshire,” Roberta Wingerson

“The Cog Railway on Mount Washington,” David R. Starbuck

“The Maintenance of New Hampshire’s First Polyphase Hydroelectric Station,” Dennis E. Howe

“The Draper-Maynard Sporting Goods Company of Plymouth, New Hampshire, l840-1937,” Rodney Freeman and Katherine C. Donahue, with Eric Baxter, Patrick J. Collins, Marie Connell, and Steven Kantor

“New Hampshire IA Sites on the National Register of Historic Places,” Christine Fonda

Includes alphabetical index of IA volumes 1-20, compiled by David Starbuck.

Published in 1994, back issues available.

Volume 19, Number 2



“The Introduction of Cast and Wrought Iron in Bridge Building,” Emory L. Kemp

“Surviving Cast- and Wrought-Iron Bridges in America,” Eric DeLony

“Cast Aside: The First Cast-Iron Bridge in the United States,” Frances C. Robb

“Bridges and Boilers: Americans Discover the Wrought-Iron Tubular Bowstnng Bridge,” David A. Simmons

Published in 1993, back issues available.

Volume 19, Number 1



“The Page Belting Company: A Study of 19th-Century Power Transmission Belting Manufacturing,” Dennis E. Howe

“National Styles in Engineering: The Case of the 19th-Century Suspension Bridge,” Emory L. Kemp

“Elephant under Glass: The Piano Key Bleach House of Deep River, Connecticut,” David H. Shayt

Photo Essay

“Documenting the History of an Industrial City: The Brown Company Photograph Collection of Berlin, New Hampshire,” William L. Taylor

Published in 1993. Out of print.

Available through JSTOR.org

Volume 18, Number 1 & 2



“Industrial Archeology of American Iron and Steel,” Robert B. Gordon

“The Upper Forge at Valley Forge,” Helen Schenck

“All Industrial Archeological Survey of the Long Pond Ironworks, West Milford Township, Passaic County, New Jersey,” Edward S. Rutsch and Brian H. Morrell

“Vermont’s 18th- and 19th-Century Blast Furnace Remains,” Victor R. Rolando

“A Revolution in Steel: Mass Production in Pennsylvania, 1867-1901,” William Sisson

“The Development of Modern Blast Furnace Practice: The Monongahela Valley Furnaces of the Carnegie Steel Company, 1872-1913,” Joel Sabadasz

“Men and Tongs: The Belgian Rod Mill at the Washburn Wire Company, East Providence, Rhode Island,” Thomas E. Leary

Research Notes

“Unearthing Business History: Can Archeology Provide Evidence for Interpreting Management Styles?” Edward F. Heite

“Connecticut Iron and Steel from Black Sea Sands,” Richard Sanders Allen

Published in 1992. Out of print.

Available through JSTOR.org

Volume 17, Number 2


“Machine Archeology: The John Gage Planer,” Robert B. Gordon

“19th-Century Charcoal Production in Vermont,” Victor R. Rolando

“A Useful Tool Turned into a Monument: Controversies over Holland’s Windmills in the First Half of the 20th Century,” Karel F. Mulder

“Small-Scale Hydropower Development: Archeological and Historical Perspectives from Connecticut,” Robert R. Gradie III and David A. Poirier

Published in 1992. Out of print.

Available through JSTOR.org

Volume 17, Number 1


“The Birth of the SIA and Reminiscences by Some of Its Founders,” Charles K. Hyde

“Seattle City Light’s Constant-Angle Arch Dam at Diablo Canyon,” Nancy Farm Mannikko

“Industrial Heritage Commemoration in the Canadian Parks Service: Part II,” Robert W. Passfield

Published in 1991. Out of print.

Available through JSTOR.org

Volume 16, Number 2


“Oregon’s Isaac Lee Patterson Memorial Bridge: The First Use of the Freyssinet Method of Concrete Arch Construction in the United States, 1932,” Robert W. Hadlow

“Industrial Heritage Commemoration in the Canadian Parks Service: Part 1,” Robert W. Passfield

“The Timber Crib Dam at Sewall’s Falls,” David R. Starbuck

Published in 1990. Out of print.

Available through JSTOR.org

Volume 16, Number 1


“An Archeological Survey of Bloomery Forges in the Adirondacks,” Ross F. Allen, James C. Dawson, Morris F. Glenn, Robert B. Gordon, David J. Killick, and Richard W. Ward

“Artificial Refrigeration and the Architecture of 19th-Century American Breweries,” Susan K. Appel

“The Work of Rolling Rails in the 32″ Mill at Bethlehem Steel’s Lackawanna Plant: Industrial Archeology and Labor History,” Thomas E. Leary

“From Slaughterhouse to Soap-Boiler: Cincinnati’s Meat Packing Industry, Changing Technologies, and the Rise of Mass Production, 1825-1870,” Steve C. Gordon

“Bibliography of State Historic Bridge Inventories,” Eric DeLony

Published in 1990. Out of print.

Available through JSTOR.org

Volume 15, Number 2



“The Fabric of Historic Bridges by Emory L. Kemp, with photographs,” Jet Lowe

“Bridge Building on a National Scale: The King Iron Bridge and Manufacturing Company,” David A. Simmons

“The Other Literature of Bridge Building,” Victor C. Darnell

“HAER’s Historic Bridge Program,” Eric DeLony

Published in 1989. Out of print.

Available through JSTOR.org

Volume 15, Number 1


“A Narrow Window of Opportunity: The Rise and Fall of the Fixed Steel Dam,” Terry S. Reynolds

“The 1822 Allendale Mill and Slow-Burning Construction: A Case Study in the Transmission of an Architectural Technology,” Richard M. Candee

“Manufacturing Secrecy: The Dueling Cymbalmakers of North America,” David H. Shayt

“New England’s Gasholder Houses,” Mary E. Pyne

Research Note

“Belting Archeology,” William Worthington, Jr.

Includes alphabetical index of volumes 1-14 compiled by David Starbuck.

Published in 1989. Out of print.

Available through JSTOR.org

Volume 14, Number 2


“The Archeology of Work and Home Life in Lowell, Massachusetts: An Interdisciplinary Study of the Boott Cotton Mills Corporation,” Mary C. Beaudry and Stephen A. Mrozowski

“Building on Success: Lowell Mill Construction and Its Results,” Laurence F. Gross

“The Haupt Iron Bridge on the Pennsylvania Railroad,m” Victor C. Darnell

“Industrial Middens in Illinois: The Search for Historical Hazardous Wastes, 1870-1980,” Craig E. Colten

Published in 1988, back issues available.

Volume 14, Number 1



“Conservative Innovators, Military Small Arms, and Industrial History at Springfield Armory, 1794-1918,” Michael S. Raber

“Material Evidence of the Manufacturing Methods Used in ‘Armory Practice,'” Robert B. Gordon

“‘A Whole Battalion of Stockers’: Thomas Blanchard’s Production Line and Hand Labor at Springfield Armory,” Carolyn C. Cooper

Little Kinks and Devices at Springfield Armory, 1892-1918,” Patrick M. Malone

Published in 1988, back issues available.

Volume 13, Number 1


“Surveying Historic Industrial Tidewater Sites: The Case of the B.C, Salmon Canning Industry,” Dianne Newell

“The Reading-Halls Station Bridge (PA),” Emory L. Kemp and Richard K. Anderson, Jr.

“Thomas Blanchard’s Woodworking Machines: Tracking 19th-Century Technological Diffusion,” Carolyn C. Cooper

“Innovation and Change in the Antebellum Southern Iron Industry: An Example from Chattanooga, Tennessee,” Nicholas Honerkamp

Published in 1987. Out of print.

Available through JSTOR.org

Volume 12, Number 2



“The Image Makers: The Role of the Graphic Arts in Industrialization,” Helena E. Wright

“The Industrial Landscape in America, 1800-1840: Ideology into Art,” Jadviga M. da Costa Nunes

“The Cathedral and the Factory: The Transformation of Work in the Art of Joseph Pennell,” Anne Cannon Palumbo

“The Individual vs. the Collective: Images of the American Worker in the 1920s,” Melissa Dabakis

Published in 1986. Out of print.

Available through JSTOR.org

Volume 12, Number 1


“Federal Tax Incentives and Industrial Archeology: The Connecticut Experience,” Mary M. Donohue and David A. Poirier

“The Shaker Mills in Canterbury, New Hampshire,” David R. Starbuck

Research Note

“An Industrial Smithy: Bear Creek, Yukon,” John D. Light

Published in 1986, back issues available.

Volume 11, Number 1


“The Role of the Historian in Reconstructing Historic Engineering Structures: Parks Canada’s Experience on the Rideau Canal, 1976-1983,” Robert W. Passfield

“Sojourners in Search of Gold: Hydraulic Mining Techniques of the Chinese on the Oregon Frontier,” Jeffrey M LaLande

Research Notes

“Industrial Archeology as a Museum Tool: Prospecting Drills in Northern Saskatchewan,” David Neufeld

“The Lower Cove Grindstone Quarries (Nova Scotia),” Peter Latta

Published in 1985, back issues available.

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