Local Chapters Committee

Local Chapters Committee

Mission as established by SIA bylaws:

The Board shall appoint a chairperson of the Local Chapters Committee to maintain liaison with the Society’s local chapters, and to keep a current file of adopted bylaws, annual financial reports, and minutes and activity reports of each chapter. The chairperson shall make an annual composite report of the state of the chapters to the Board, and to the Society’s membership in a manner set forth by the Board.

a) Establishment. The Board may establish local chapters upon the formal written petition of a minimum of twelve (12) members in good standing of the Society. The petition shall include proposed Bylaws outlining the function and organization of the local chapter for approval by the Board.

b) Coordination with the Board. The chairperson of the Local Chapters Committee shall work with each chapter to gain Board approval of its proposed Bylaws. The local chapters shall inform the Board, through their respective presidents, of changes in Bylaws and of other issues of legal import.

c) Membership Relationships. All participants in local chapters shall be encouraged to be members of the Society. For the sake of education and the exchange of information, however, non-members may participate in chapter activities, with limited rights as defined hereinafter. Membership in the Society is requisite to holding any chapter office, balloting for such offices, or voting on issues in which the name of the Society shall be used or having impact beyond the local area.

d) Activities. Each chapter shall hold at least two (2) meetings a year, at least one of which shall be considered a business meeting. Copies of the minutes of business conducted shall be sent to the chairperson of the Local Chapters Committee within forty-five (45) days of the meeting. An annual report of activities and a financial statement shall be sent to the chairperson during the month of January. Chapters that fail to maintain the minimum schedule of meetings or to submit an annual report shall be considered to be suspended.

e) Public Role. Local chapters are encouraged to take responsible stands on matters of local public interest in areas of industrial archaeology. Voting on these issues shall be regulated as defined above. Publicity for these matters shall make clear that the position taken is done so in the name of the local chapter. No chapter shall issue any statement or take any public position suggesting the support of the Society without the express approval of the Board.

f) Tax Identification. Local chapters are encouraged to apply for their own separate tax identification number with the Internal Revenue Service. Local chapters are not to utilize the Society’s tax identification number to conduct any chapter business such as maintenance of a bank account except in direct connection with an officially sanctioned event of the Society such as an Annual Conference or Fall Tour.

Committee Members

Chair: T. Arron Kotlensky