SIA New England Chapter Hosts Electric Time Company Factory Tour

Tour of Electric Time Company, Manufacturer of electric tower and street clocks in Medfield, Massachusetts

Monday November 4, 2019

FACTORY MUSEUM will be open for us 3:30-4pm; look around the museum on your own before the tour.

FACTORY TOUR begins at 4pm
This is not a “production tour” per se. The workday ends at 3:30pm. But there may be someone remaining on the floor working after typical work hours.

The tour might last an hour but that depends on how many questions are asked by our group.

Where: 97 West Street, Medfield, Mass.

You may park in the company parking lot, which should have spaces at that time of day.

RSVP:  Betsey Dyer OR call: 508-668-9619
We are limited to 20 participants.

Some history of Electric Time from the company website:

Electric Time Company has been in continuous operation since the early 1900s. We are an offshoot of Telechron, the first self-starting synchronous electric clock company. Incorporated in the state of Massachusetts USA in 1928 we have grown to a firm that has over 7,500 tower clock and street clock installations on every continent, including Antarctica.

We were originally located in Boston Massachusetts and have continuously expanded since that first tiny office. In the 1930s we moved to South Natick Massachusetts, in 1951 to Natick Center, in 1986 to Medfield Massachusetts and in 2007 we relocated into our current 50,000 (4,645 m²) square foot facility in Medfield Massachusetts.

For more on their current operations see the website: